Medic PPE has been developed by health professionals to help source quality PPE for our colleagues and to allow the Dental, Medical, and the Social Care Industry to comply with guidance related to PPE.

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We have invested as a buying group to source large quantities of products to make them available for the average-sized provider. It is a one-stop-shop for ordering your essential PPE. We have tried to source all of our products from the UK and each product has it’s own quality assurance certification as well. There are some products that could only be sourced from overseas. We have obtained the relevant safety and quality assurance certificates to ensure the products meet UK standards.

Our products are available for the purpose of wholesale to support Medical and Social Care Businesses. As such, we have a minimum order quantity on orders. Smaller providers can group together to make up the minimum order quantities.

We have also only tried to source products that are actually available currently on the floor in the UK. Thus our delivery times will be less and aim to deliver most of the products within a week.

Whilst we understand that many companies are increasing the prices due to supply and demand, we have developed this service for the purpose of supporting our NHS and Private health and social care industry. As such, we have almost passed on the cost of the bulk purchasing into smaller orders. We also, cannot take any returns as we do not manufacture any of the products ourselves.

Our vision is to support both the NHS and private sectors to be able to source appropriate PPE to allow a safe environment for both patients and staff. Each of our products has a direct endorsement with the manufacturers.

We also provide large quantity PPE to distributors /wholesalers. If you would like to keep informed of our latest PPE as large quantities, please register your interest. As large item orders are bought and sold extremely quickly, we will communicate with you promptly.

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